Custom Mentoring with Michael and Dan

Custom Mentoring with Michael and Dan

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What you need to know

Start your tailored photography journey with our newly developed co-mentoring approach, working with both Michael and Dan.

Michael will work with you remotely and cover theory, review, feedback and critique as well as portfolio development. Dan will work with you 1:1 for your practical shooting in Hong Kong. You will benefit from two different voices and approaches but a single alignment in philosophy. 

Ideal for photographers wanting to take their passion and craft to the next level.

Co-mentoring packages start at 10 hours and are customised around your unique photography interests and needs. 


Topics and techniques can include:

- Creative street photography

- Night photography

- Portraiture

- Abstract photography

- Studio intro and Creative Lighting

- Editing

- Personal style development

- Portfolio development

- Practical advice for developing business lines in photography

Select 20 hours and save HK$2,000

Once you complete your booking, our mentors will be in touch to discuss your plan, timetable and how best to address your development as a photographer. 


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