Click852 Studio Guide for Rentals

Your Guide to the Click852 Studio Rental



White, black and grey backdrops will be there for you to use.  We also have red and beige in stock and will change for you if you let us know in advance.  For any other colours, please contact us.

One section of one colour is included in your booking charge.  If you require additional colours or more sections, there is an additional charge of HK$150 per section per colour.


We have a make up station with light, a small changing area with curtain, a washroom and a place to hang clothes.

You can use our fridge to store cold drinks and we have a Nespresso coffee machine and a kettle.


When you leave - your checklist:

  1. If the paper you have used is dirty on the floor, please cut it off using the scissors in the stationary box near the make up station before you roll it up.
  2. Put the light batteries back on charge and put flash triggers into the trigger box (it’s clearly marked)
  3. Do not leave anything in the studio, that includes rubbish.
  4. Take out any rubbish that you have left and that does not fit in the bin.  If the bin is full, please take the bag out, tie it up, and place it on the stairs by the lifts.
  5. Close the blinds and turn off all three air conditioners and all the lights when you leave 


Entering and exiting the studio: 

To enter

  1. Touch the keypad anywhere to activate it and some random numbers will appear
  2. Press the numbers in any order
  3. You will see the full keypad
  4. Type in the 4-number keycode and then press *
  5. The lock will show unlocked in Green, push the door firmly to enter.

To leave

Press the exit button at the top of the lock.  The light will show green and then pull the door firmly.  Ensure the door is fully closed before you you take the lift.


Lights & Aircon

The light switches for the main room are located on the right of the door when you walk in.  Using the white remote control in the white stationary box, you can dim the lights and adjust colour (warm/cool).

The light switches for the washroom are at the entrance to the washroom.

There is a remote for the overhead aircon remote in the white stationary box near the make up station.

The window aircon is operated by the power switches near each unit and the controls are on the unit behind the flip panel.


Softboxes and modifiers: 

The softboxes use a standard Bowens mount. Line up the 3 holes on the black mount to the three square metal pins on the mount of the softbox, push lightly together, twist and click onto the light.

To remove a softbox, there is a small metal lever on the mount, press the lever and then twist the softbox to the left to detach it.

If you need a grid for the softbox, you will find them in the large box marked “Grids” in the shelving unit and they attach with velcro to the softbox.

For large softboxes, we recommend two people for the change.

We provide barn doors and reflectors along with grids and gels.  You will find them in the shelving unit.  To use these, please slide the barn door or reflector directly onto the light gently.


Reflector dish:

Our reflector dish is located to the left side of the shelf unit in a black storage black bag.  There is a boom arm usually attached already to a light stand, clip the reflector to the boom arm. 


Light batteries:

Batteries are on charge on the bottom shelf of the equipment rack. Please ensure that you always place batteries into the chargers if you take some out - there should always be batteries charging.



SLOWLY twist the coloured pulley (blue, red or orange) for the paper colour you want to use as if you are lowering blinds.  Ideally, an assistant will help you guide the paper gently forwards as you release more paper, so that it does not crease. 

Use masking tape to lightly attach the bottom of the paper to the floor.

You will find masking tape in the box marked ‘Tape”.

To raise a backdrop, first ensure that any dirty areas are cut away using scissors.  Then slowly use the pulley to raise the back drop back to the top.

Flash triggers:

Triggers are located in a white box clearly marked “triggers” 

Locate the one for your brand of camera - on the top of each trigger you will see a letter

S for Sony 

F for Fujifilm 

C for canon 

N for Nikon 

Attach to your camera 

Slide the switch on the right side to turn on.  You will be ready to go!

Each light already has a letter in the group from A - D.  You simply control light A by pressing A on the trigger and adjusting the control  To switch to control light B, press B on the trigger and adjust controls.

Do not change any Group or Channel settings on the triggers or lights.


Make up, clothing, blower

Plug in the make up light below the laptop workstation. 

Hang clothes for wardrobes on the clothes rail provided.  Take your hangers with you when you leave.

Use the blue blower in the shelving unit for wind effects.