Portraits Essentials Package

Portraits Essentials Package

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What you need to know

Photographing people is a specific art.  This package of three workshops builds your techniques and confidence with camera, subject and light so you can deliver consistently high quality portraits. Our non-technical and creative approach is both accessible and shows you many ways to see and photograph people.

The three workshops:

1. Introduction to Portraits - camera techniques and working with a model

Learn how to capture the image you want by understanding camera techniques, composition, backgrounds and what makes a person look good in a photograph.  We work with a model in this workshop and usually on the street in natural light. 

2. Advanced Portraits - using light and shooting to a plan

With a brief Introduction to studio lighting, we'll show you more artistic  compositions as we develop your skills.  You'll practice planning your shots, taking photographs with clear intention and developing more consistent output.  And you'll understand better how light and shadow affect your images. We work in the studio with a model in this workshop.

3. Creative Lighting - shaping light, shadow and colour in the studio

Our non-technical approach to the studio removes stress and focuses us on creativity.  We'll learn how to use direction, quality and power of lights to create dramatically different outcomes.  We'll experiment with single and multi-light set ups as well as colour, leaving you with a simple process to think, create, test and shoot in the studio or any environment. We work with a model in the studio in this workshop. 

Who it's for

Intermediate to Expert: You know how to operate the manual functions of your camera or the principles of aperture, shutter speed and ISO with confidence.

Duration: 3 x 2.5 Hours

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