Portraits 2
Portraits 2
Portraits 2
Portraits 2

Portraits 2

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What you need to know

Photographing people well is specific art.  Once you have the basics from our Portraits 1 Workshop, you will now get an introduction to studio lighting and be able to contrast this with shooting in natural light conditions. 

We will further explore artistic compositions for creating unique and engaging portraits using a variety of techniques and lighting. 

You will practise imagining your shots, planning them and then taking them with intention - such important skills when creating consistently high quality portraits.

A deeper exploration of lighting will help set you up for more conditions and help you with some basics of modifying or controlling the light you have to make better photographs.  

Who it's for

EXPERT: Anyone who has taken Portraits 1 or with strong experience of shooting portraits and wants to further develop their skills and creativity for shooting people in studio and natural light.

Location: Central (Meet at the Click852 Studio)

Duration: 2.5 hours

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