About Us

Who we are

Michael Kistler

Michael Kistler

I am a Hong Kong street photographer specialising in fine art street photography. I also mentor, coach and train other photographers with an emphasis on developing their creativity. Originally from Minneapolis, my work has taken me to numerous cities around the world chasing the next fleeting moment. After spending more than 10 years in Tokyo, I moved to Hong Kong in 2014. After a two-year stint in Singapore, I am back living and working in Hong Kong. 

A signature element in my work is an often understated human element and its connection to the city; I am constantly searching for and exploring unconventional perspectives and unique moments where people and the urban landscape collide, merge and co-exist. Reflections, blur, multiple layers and abstraction are recurring elements in my photos. 

My work has been exhibited and published widely; I am currently represented by Blue Lotus Gallery in Hong Kong and work with the Hong Kong Arts Collective and also Picture This in the UK. I am a mentor through Soho House and Own Academy for young aspiring creatives and a ‘super fan’ with the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Click852 is owned and operated by Michael Kistler Photography.


What we do

Photography Education: We provide photography workshops and custom mentoring in English with the promise to help you see the world around you differently and practice techniques that will make you a more confident, creative and versatile photographer.

Creativity and Network: Working with us you will, explore light, composition and the moment. We’ll help you understand your camera and get comfortable using it in different ways. You’ll learn to create decisive moments rather than react to them. We’ll discover brilliant locations and show you how to select elements from the city scene to tell stories. You’ll develop your own style and produce a unique collection of photographs.  And you'll meet other photographers who will share your passion and help you improve.

Our beliefs

We are photographers in Hong Kong specialising in photography education and workshops.  We are photographers. And we are experienced coaches and mentors.  

We believe that photography is a creative process built on learning, practice, connections and fun.

We will share our passion and unique insights into photography in the context of our deep and nuanced knowledge of Hong Kong (for photography)

We promise you will see the world around you differently, practice techniques that make you a more confident, creative and versatile photographer. 

And that you will take photographs you did not imagine you could take.