Camera Rental

Camera Rental for your Click852 Workshop


We provide Canon 1000D DSLRs for you to rent and use at one of our workshops if you need a camera.  

We have selected the Canon 1000D as a very light and easy to use model for adults and kids.  It works brilliantly for the techniques we teach and for quickly learning how to use the basic three controls to operate the camera manually - aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

We have two cameras available and a small selection of lenses, so please let us know if you want to rent one in advance of your workshop so that we can reserve it for you.

Charge for camera rental is HK$150 per workshop and you can pay by cash or we will send you a booking link when you confirm with us.

We do not provide SD cards with the camera rental and so you must either bring your own SD card (buy in advance from any camera or digital store).  We try to keep a few SD cards in stock and you can buy those from us if we have them available.

To reserve your Canon 1000D, please email us at