What Our Photography Workshop/Mentoring clients say:

Quote “I hugely enjoyed the Portraits 1 session with Michael and Dan, and would much recommend it to anyone. It was engaging, informative, thoughtful and a great balance of theory, discussion, lots of practice and activity on the ground, interaction with each other, and also seeing both Michael and Dan at work. I am certainly signing up for the next class.”

Charlie T.

Quote The Documentary street photography workshop was as much fun as it was interesting. Dan made the whole session interactive and it was completely hands-on. The lessons were conducted in the live environment on the streets with examples being shot and shown right in front of your eyes. You get to practice what you have just learned and also bring in your own flavour to the shots. The feedback was immediate and Dan took the time to check each of our shots and give constructive suggestions. I am very glad to have taken away some very important points from this session and will be definitely using them to improve my skills."


Quote My wife and I took a morning course with Michael. I am disabled, difficulty walking, but that was taken into consideration, everything went at my pace. I am from a small town on the West Coast of Scotland and my photography is mainly landscapes, I then found myself in the middle of a wonderful city, how do I capture it to the max? That problem was soon solved by the excellent knowledge of photography and the city that Michael imparts within his course. A lot of the photos I took, with Michael’s guidance, got top 10% awards in competitions on the photography website, Viewbug. That speaks volumes for the high level of tuition we received. Thank you Michael, I recommend your course to anyone living in, or visiting, Hong Kong.”

Ian M.

Quote I went to Michael with the hopes of improving my shot composition - I'm a videographer and was hoping to learn some techniques that I could apply in my field. Michael covered all the basic theories of photography as well as some of the more advanced ones, and was incredibly generous in giving me insight into many of his signature techniques and nuances.  

From how to deal with subjects on the street, finding good shoot locations and showing me all the little gems that HK has to offer, to advice on working as a freelancer and monetising work. He was a wonderful teacher, a huge inspiration; I couldn't recommend his workshops enough."

Jen R.

Quote I thoroughly enjoyed the Mong Kok Neon workshop. Dan was a great teacher and was very helpful on walking through the steps to execute a certain photography style. I was able to accomplish what I had in my mind what I wanted to achieve. Despite the raining I throughly enjoyed the workshop."

Glenn S.

Quote I was looking for a new challenge in my street photography and contacted Michael as I am a big fan of his style and work. We met and discussed my photography goals and agreed to meet regularly over ten weeks where we would explore the city and shoot together. After each session, Michael would send a thorough follow-up via email and would then critique my images, offering excellent and honest feedback.

I learned so much from our sessions and have been able to easily apply the new skills and approaches learned from our meetings into my photography. I would recommend anyone with an interest in photography to sit down and meet with Michael, his passion and love for art and photography is incredible."

Tricia D.

Quote As a long-time resident of Hong Kong and as a photography hobbyist, I thought I really saw Hong Kong in a different light. Well that is until I did a full day photography class with Michael and only then really started seeing the city in a whole different way. My photography, especially the way I capture light and movement, has really changed and I feel that I can actually finally make my camera take the pictures that I see in my head."

Michelle L.

Quote Michael is a great instructor. He has an approachable and personable style and will take the time to help you adjust your camera settings to get the right shot. The two hours in his classes fly by as you’re learning so much and getting good practice in. I’d definitely recommend one of Michael’s courses to anyone keen to improve their photography skills."

Laura C.

Quote The street photography workshop was a very good use of my time, very enjoyable, inspired me to get out more with my camera more and on the day I came away with a few nice shots! 

I liked the variety of locations we visited which were all very central and gave the opportunity to practice different techniques and appreciate different view points. The balance was also perfect in terms of time at each location. 

Dan was very approachable and friendly, clear on his advice and able to pitch at the right level for the group we had that day. All in all a perfect morning and looking forward to taking part in a future workshop."

Andy C.

Quote I enjoyed the street photography workshop a lot! Michael has a very direct and easy way to teach and showed us his favourite places to shoot in Central. The 4 hours of workshop was packed with information, was fun and flew very fast…too fast! Recommended!”

Simona R.