Photography Kickstarter Package

Photography Kickstarter Package

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What you need to know

Over three of our essential workshops give yourself a perfect grounding in street photography.  You'll be confident navigating your camera in manual mode to take better and more varied shots during the day and night.  Our creative approach will show you many ways to see and photograph Hong Kong at any time of the day.

When are the workshops / how do I book my place

After you sign up for the package, check our website for the next workshop dates. Email us at to let us know which workshop you want to attend and we'll take care of booking your place.  We release workshop dates regularly, so if the workshop you want does not have a date posted, don't worry, a new date will be released soon!

The three workshops:

1. Camera Basics

Navigate your camera and learn the "Photographer's Trinity" of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. You'll leave knowing how to use the manual settings on your camera and why you need to know.

2. Creative Street (or another daytime street photography workshop)

See the world around you differently as we show you shooting angles, reflections, perspectives and compositions that change your vision and dramatically improve your photography.

3. Mong Kok at Night: Neon Signs and Reflections (or another nighttime photography workshop)

Learn the basics of shooting in low light to capture the brilliance of Hong Kong's neon signs and night street scenes. We'll explore reflections, depth of field and techniques that will open your creativity for better and more consistent night photography. 

Who it's for

NOVICE: You're a beginner or returning to photography after a break.  You know how to operate the manual functions of your camera or the principles of aperture, shutter speed and ISO with confidence.

Duration: 3 x 2.5 Hours

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